INR Deposits and Withdraws are Live Now! Coindelta Wallet

How to start trading?

Quick guide on how to place your orders at desired price.

Make a deposit to your account

In order to Buy/Sell something, There must be some funds in your Coindelta wallet. You can deposit both INR and Cryptocurrencies to start trading on the platform. Please read instructions on How to deposit INR to my account? for INR deposits and How to deposit Cryptocurrencies to my account? for Cryptocurrency deposits.

Choose the market

Go to the markets and choose the appropriate market by clicking on the pair in the available markets. Say you have INR and you want to buy ETH or vice-versa, Then click on the ETH-INR pair in the markets and follow the next steps to trade.

Fill in the buy/sell boxes and place an order

  • Choose the order type (limit or market).
  • Choose the appropriate box (buy/sell box).
  • Fill the boxes by entering the amount and price and click on the buy/sell button to place the order.

Check the status of orders

You can see your orders in the current market below the orderbook. All the pending (unfilled or partially completed) orders will be available in the open order tab. You can check the details of partially filled and completed orders by clicking on the order. You can also cancel any open order before it is completed.

To access the orders in all markets you can go to my orders and check the status/cancel the open orders directly from there.