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How the price is decided on Coindelta?

We do not decide the price of any coin. It is decided by the users.

Coindelta is an exchange where buyers and sellers put up their orders to make the market. The price is purely determined by the demand and supply. This is how it starts and how a market is constructed.

  • You put your order at your desired price.
  • It either gets filled instantly (If there is already an existing order that meets your requirement)
  • Or it gets added to the orderbook as a maker order waiting to be filled by other users.
  • This orderbook with existing orders act as a market for new orders.
  • The last price is the price at which the last trade got executed. (This price is used to calculate the value of your holdings).
  • The best bid in this orderbook is the price at which best buyer is willing to buy.
  • The best ask in this orderbook is the price at which best seller is willing to sell.

Below is an Image of an Orderbook.