INR Deposits and Withdraws are Live Now! Coindelta Wallet

Deposit INR using App?

  • Quick step guide for INR deposit.

Detailed instructions are mentioned below.

  • log into your Coindelta Account.

  • Go to your Wallet and select BALANCE.

  • Click on the Deposit against the Currency INR.

  • Enter the Amount and select payment MODE (UPI) and Create a Deposit Request.
  • You will be matched with our trusted star peers whose Account details will be shown on your deposit page.

  • The following bank details of the peer user will be displayed :

    • UPI ID of the peer user In case of the UPI mode.
    • Bank Account Details of the peer user In case of IMPS/NEFT/RTGS mode.
    • Remark
  • Enter the Transaction ID after successfully transferring the amount to the Peer and click on Submit.
  • The amount will be credited to your Coindelta Wallet within 30 minuntes.


  • Don't forget to add remark while transferring INR to the peers bank account. You may not receive the INR in your Coindelta Wallet if you forget to mention the remark.
  • Bank details of the peers may vary every time you deposit. Double check the details before making a payment.
  • 0.2% fee will be deducted for every deposit or withdrawal request.