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What could be the possible reasons for non-transfer of funds to Coindelta bank account or funds not reflecting in my wallet?

IMPS/UPI deposits are credited to your wallet as soon as they reach our peers Bank account. If the amount has not been credited to your wallet that means we have not received the amount. This could be possible because of the following reasons.

  • You might have entered the incorrect details of the peer while initiating the payment.

In this case, If the account added by you does not exists then the amount will be automatically reverted back to your account (Usually the time for reversal is 72 hours, But if 72 hours has been passed and amount has not been reversed, then you should contact your bank and ask them the status of the transaction).

Please Note that if the account exists with the bank then that amount will be credited to that account and We won't be able to refund that amount (as it has never reached our peer account).

  • The transaction might have failed at the Banking end (Most of the cases face this issue).

In such cases, The amount should be reversed back to your account by your bank in 72 hours, But if they have not reversed it in 72 hours then you can call your bank and ask them to check the status of the transaction.

Please Note: We have a 100% success rate for all the deposits that have been reached in our account (Except the rare cases when we put notifications on our website), So only create a ticket if 72 hours has been passed and your amount is not reflecting into your wallet.