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How do I trade on Flux? What are the Markets?

Flux ( will work in a similar fashion as trading works on Coindelta now and has a feature to rate the ones with whom you trade. It also has a dispute system. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose your own buyers and sellers.

With Flux, you can easily exchange your digit assets with INR. Flux platform will be integrated with our existing exchange platform seamlessly. We will be introducing Crypto-USDT markets to allow you to trade other tokens on the current platform.

What is Flux Video Explanation

How to trade on Flux Video Explanation

How to trade on Flux Video Hindi Explanation

Getting Started on FLUX

Transferring Wallet Balance from Coindelta to Flux

If you have crypto funds in your CD wallet, here is how you can move them to Flux to sell for INR :

  • In case you have USDT, XRP, BTC or ETH in your CD Wallet, you can directly transfer it to Flux for zero fees!
  • If you have any of the other cryptocurrencies, you can convert them to USDT on the USDT Markets in Coindelta.
  • After converting to USDT, you can transfer your USDT funds to Flux instantly at zero fees.
  • After receiving USDT in your Flux wallet, you can sell it to other users for INR.

How do you register on Flux and complete your profile?

  • Check the detail description of registration process on this link : FLUX Registration
  • If you are an existing user on Coindelta, then you can choose to import your KYC details from the previous platform. If you are a new user, you can proceed to creating a new profile and adding your KYC information.

  • You will need to add your bank details again in both the cases.
  • After registering, you will be redirected to the market page. You will be assigned a randomly generated username.

  • You can click on your username in the top right and head to the profile section. Here, you can see the status of your KYC and bank verification. If you have missed out on any detail, please fill that up so you can start trading immediately!

Please Note :

MFA here is the same as 2FA. The procedure for setting up 2FA is the same too. For setting up MFA :

  • Proceed to the 2FA section
  • Scan the QR code directly into the Google Authenticator application. Store the secret key safely in case you lose the phone or lose the application.
  • Input the six digit code provided by the Authenticator application.
  • Click on Enable MFA

For more detailed explanation check this article : How to enable 2FA on Flux?

  • You can add your bank details in the bank detail section. Currently the payment options offered are :

How do you trade on FLUX...!!!!!!!

Flux is a peer-to-peer global cryptocurrency exchange which allows users to trade BTC, XRP, ETH and USDT between them for INR. Here is how you start trading on Flux !

We will demonstrate with an example of how to trade Ripple(XRP) on Flux!

  • In the image below, we can see an open order for selling XRP. We can see the user details like :

    • Rating
    • Price
    • Amount
    • Payment Mode
  • This is your basic Market Page where you can either place a Buy Order or a Sell Order for trading any one of the cryptocurrencies listed on Flux.

  • After clicking on the order, you are redirected to the screen below where you can see more details like :

    • The minimum trading amount
    • Time at which the order was created

  • You will be redirected to the confirmation screen. You have to agree to the below conditions by ticking the checkboxes as shown below

  • You will be given a fixed amount of time to confirm your payment. The payment should be confirmed from both sides for the deal to be completed

  • After confirmation of the order from the buyer’s perspective. You need to wait for the seller’s confirmation. Now you can proceed to My Orders and check the status of your order.

  • You can track the order on the Locked Trades tab in My Orders

  • After successful confirmation from the seller, your order will be completed! Congratulations

  • Make sure you rate the trade! This helps everyone to recognize good traders and facilitate a smooth process for everyone.