INR Deposits and Withdraws are Live Now! Coindelta Wallet

My Ripple(XRP) withdrawal transaction is confirmed on Coindelta. However, when I search the status of transaction, It shows 'Transaction not found/Invalid transaction'. What can be done about this?

If you have searched properly with correct transaction ID and the transaction is not found even after 24 hours from the time transaction was requested, Then it is a case of Ripple(XRP) network drop. Very few transactions are missed due to congestion in Ripple(XRP) network.

If your Ripple(XRP) withdrawal transaction is one of them, Then you are requested to raise a ticket stating the issue clearly. The withdrawal request will be cancelled after verification of the transaction and the amount will be credited back to your Coindelta XRP wallet.

Recommended website for checking ripple transaction status: Click Here