INR Deposits and Withdraws are Live Now! Coindelta Wallet

My Crypto deposit is still at pending status but it got confirmed on Blockchain. When will the pending status change and will get deposit to my wallet address?

If your transaction is confirmed on blockchain and yet not reflecting in your Coindelta wallet. Then there are only a few possible scenarios for such cases, They are mentioned below.

  • The deposit has been made to a wrong wallet address. (In such case we cannot help, As the Address may belong to anybody worldwide)

  • Deposit Amount is below than Minimum Deposit Limit.

  • Deposit Amount is less than the Recovery Fee. (In such cases No recovery is done )

You will see the confirmed status only after we receive minimum confirmations from Blockchain of your respective Cryptocurrency.

The number of minimum Blockchain confirmations for different Cryptocurrency is:

Cryptocurrency No. of Blockchain Confirmations
Bitcoin 2
BitcoinCash ABC 5
BitcoinCash SV 5
Ethereum 10
Litecoin 5
OmiseGo 10
Qtum 8
Ripple 1
0x 10
Zilliqa 10
Kyber Network 10
Zcash 3
Tron 2
Icon 2
Enigma 10
Decentraland 10
Civic 10
Golem 10
Basic Attention Token 10
Cindicator 10
Spank Chain 10
Achain 1
Dai 10
Groestlcoin 5
QuarkChain 10
Karma 1
Aeternity 10
Tokenomy 10
SpaceChain 10
Stellar 1
Paxos Standard Token 10
LBRY Credits LBC 6