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How to get access to my account if I have lost my phone or Google Authenticator?

If you have lost your phone or have no longer access to the Google Authenticator, then there are two cases

Case 1: You have the backup key

If you have the 16 digit-backup key then follow the following steps in order to recover your account.

  • Reinstall the Google Authenticator App.
  • Click on the ‘ + ‘ button in the bottom left corner of the App.
  • Upon clicking the ‘+‘ button, you will see two options. Click on ‘ Enter a provided key’
  • Enter the Account Name and the Backup Key.
  • Your Account will be restored.

Case 2: You don't have the backup key

If you don’t have the backup key, then you need to send us one of your identity proofs in the format as shown in the image below. It can be PAN Card, Driving License or Voter ID. You can send us the proof by raising a ticket at with the subject "I have lost my authenticator backup key"

Kindly send us your selfie while holding one of your ID proofs (PAN, Driving License or Voter ID) and a paper on which Coindelta is written along with the date and time. We will revert back to you as soon as possible and you will get access to your Coindelta account.

Here is the sample of how you need to send the details:

Sample selfie